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Mazola 100% pure corn oil
Mazola 100% pure corn oil
Rapeseed petal

Mazola is where cooking begins.

A precious drop of Mazola cooking oil is where your journey begins. Right from the first sizzle, Mazola provides the perfect foundation for flavour to flourish; making it a trusted essential for great cooks delivering delicious meals.


Trust straight from the label.

The Mazola Pura Oil brand was created in 1911 and we’ve been using only the finest quality ingredients since. Mazola's expertise and craftmanship covers all stages from field to fork, and this care and attention to detail ensures the finest results on the plate.

Our crops are sun-ripened to perfection, harvested at their peak, then carefully prepared, gently pressed, and refined to extract a 100% pure natural oil ready for you to create great food.


With the Mazola range, we'll help take your dish to the next level. This is the power of a precious drop of Mazola. Whether you're roasting, frying or grilling, we help enhance your meal drop by precious drop.


From a precious drop to your favourite meal. We've picked out some recipes we think showcase our versatile oils; click through to discover more and check out our recommended oils from our range.

It started with... a precious drop.

Your cooking is unique, flavoursome and, above all things, delicious. You can trust in Mazola to bring the best out of your recipes, from the first splash in the pan to the final dish on the table.

We’re here from the START.

Be confident in how you cook and take pride in using the best ingredients. Whether it’s a simple weeknight dinner or crafting a lavish roast, Mazola is with you from the start.

Rapeseed petal