GMO and Mazola - what you need to know

At Mazola, we believe that crop biotechnology can play an important role in improving food production and ensuring enough food for the world’s growing population. The technology already provides some environmental benefits, such as reduced use of pesticides and water, and increased crop yields, and it has the potential to provide improved nutritional profiles for some crops.

In crop management, scientists select GMOs (Genetically modified organisms) with desirable traits – for example, they might be more resistant to insects, weeds and diseases – and place them in plants to improve crop yields. Widely grown GM crops include soybeans.

Regulatory agencies around the world including the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations have concluded that authorised GM crops and food ingredients derived from them are safe for human consumption.

The safety of our oils and the trust and confidence of our consumers is always our highest priority. We support the responsible use of innovative, regulated technology and accordingly the Soybean oil in Mazola Soya Bean Oil comes from crops that are genetically modified. We do not grow any GM crops ourselves. All Mazola Soya Bean Oil products that use GM source material are clearly as such labelled in line with legislation.